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jour nuit shoes photographs taken by Garvey Rich


Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I bring all my experience and hands on knowledge of promotion, marketing & producing to every shoot whether it be video or photography. About me, I spent 10 years in the Music business as an independent PR rep working with emerging acts to magazines such as Spin, Night Clubs Webster Hall & Limelight and several records each for Prince, Depeche Mode, George Michael & New York group D Generation & produced a Germs Tribute Record with a laundry list of Alterna Stars.

After leaving the music industry I teamed up with long time Fashion photo shoot producer Barbara DeWitt who also turned out to be a former music publicist handling David Bowie during his Ziggy years as well as Sly Stone, Gloria Gainer & Frank Zappa. While running Barbara's company I produced & casted photo shoots for O Magazine, Vogue, W, Esquire, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nautica, Calvin Klein Jeans & many more.

After Barbara passed away I gave the company to two producers who had worked with the company for quite some time and dedicated my time to working on video and photography.

Skipping the photo assistant phase I conceived and produced a yoga series designed to attract attention to a good cause while also being commercially viable, titled Better Sex Through Yoga. The DIY project sold and also garnered a book deal on Random House that I shot and co-wrote.

The high heel shoe pictures come from several look books I shot & designed for shoe company Jour Nuit. At this time I was also editing video for day time TV show the Montel Williams Show. After the Montel Show went off air I produced and co shot a documentary for Nokia in Cambodia following a National Geographic Photographer as he took pictures with a Nokia cel phone.

When I shot Better Sex Through Yoga I fell in love with clothing made by KD dance. For the past few years I have dedicated most of my time to expanding the US manufacturers direct to consumer sales. Combining my interest as a photographer, copywriter, marketer along with product development and the kind of customer service intelligent & fun journalists and clients would appreciate, the company is enjoying robust direct to consumer growth. To view click the dancer in gold wearing the KD dance New York Signature Ballet Top.




jour nuit high heels photographs taken by Garvey Rich




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